Drywall Repairs

Let the Dixie Express team repair your damaged plaster walls or ceiling. We handle all types of plaster repairs: holes, cracks, water damage, bulging walls, sagging ceilings, damaged cornices and any other type of damaged plaster that needs repairing.

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Drywall Holes

Drywall is constantly getting holes in it between doors and kids and regular everyday life. We are ready to patch and repaint those spots for you – call today.

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Water Damage

Everyone gets hit with water damage on drywall, it’s just inevitable. Whether from broken pipes, leaking roofs, or any of the other hundreds of reasons – we can help you get your drywall back to perfect, fast.

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Drywall Cracks

Cracks can appear in drywall for a lot of different reasons. Whatever your reason is, you can be assured that our professionals will help fix your problem fast.

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Bulging Walls

If your place has some bulging drywall – we are ready to fix it. Our professional team will get your drywall back to right with fast, courteous service.


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